Touch and Sound and The Dark and the Light

The dark holds within it feeling.  That feeling is the beginning of consciousness.  Internally this is what begins the journey.  That which is in the dark holds sound and pressure as other things in the dark touch it.  Before sight thus comes the prior senses, the first and foremost being touch.  Touch is the root sense.

Touch is activated by the pressure of an external agent's touch upon any thing in the dark.  It does not require neurons to feel.  Neurons only convey the information into the mind of the being in question.  Feeling exists independently of neural activity because everything in the dark exists as a center of consciousness.  That is why those who practice shamanism feel the presence of the fields around them.  Those fields are alive, whether they are trees, rocks, streams, etc.

The shaman does not have to intellectually understand the field to know it is there.  He or she senses it with his or her extended breath and has the capacity to move the aura with the breath as well to encompass something through the use of attentive touch (the expansion and focusing of the chakras through breath control).  This is the key to understanding why thinking Western people seem to discount this possibility.    Western people do not have any skills with nuanced perception in this area unless they have developed their intuitive faculties or have trained with someone from other traditions.

Touch here is critical to seeing how this all works.  Every single thing in the universe down to the lowly electron has the capacity to be touched and every time it is touched it is changed.  This change is real and internal to its own consciousness.  Now, of course, the consciousness of an electron cannot be compared to a human as a whole, but the electron's existence is changed by its interaction with its environment is exactly the same way in hypothetical spirituality.

Humans do not deal with the electron level when we sense our reality around us.  Rocks are made of ridiculous numbers of electrons if you know anything about the mole from chemistry (which only deals with the number of atoms).  When you walk on a rock, you change it.  The pressure of your foot weighs down on it.  The electrons within it are compressed.  That compression changes that rock's experience for a moment through touch.  Even though such things as rocks exist on an elemental level, every touch has significance in cosmic creation.  Such is the nuance of existence.  Undetectable, yet as sure as the schedule on your wall, you have established an eternal bonding karmic relationship with that rock.  One day you will have to marry it.

Perhaps though the first sense was sound.  When an electron strikes another electron out in the universe, what if some sound is heard internally?  Where does the sound go?  No one knows even when dealing with human brains and the sounds dealt with by man.  Yet surely, sound is created none the less.  If sound is a dimensional property like I have suggested, what sort of dimensional property is it?

We recognize harmony and disharmony instinctively.  Can we say if these experiences have dimensions?  Or would we say that sound is the singular one dimensional property of the cosmos, the origin of mathematical abstraction?  The count of the ticks and tocks.  The origin of geometric reasoning to determine perhaps the order of the rhyme and reason for harmony and disharmony.  Yet can we imagine a sound without a substance?  Only the word seems capable of such refinement.

It seems plausible that sound is the tick and the tock of the internal space being jostled by that which is external tapping at its external darkness, the hard resistance of an eternally expanding field.  The electron, always expanding, continually taps that which is external to it as the great sea of cosmic motion flows forward always drawing inward an impression upon that which seeks to expand against it.  And yet the light must still somewhere make it's mark to be known still if we are to believe in anything like the progress of the form into higher states of being.

All things that are born must die and return to their source.  Such is the law.  And yet in returning they are seemingly always resurrected for the sake of consciousness.  This light cannot die, this dark cannot abide forever.  Such is the way of things if we are to believe in love and eternal remembering of what is possible when we believe.

So then, how is it that such a thing as a rock should be resurrected into eternal life?  It surely must for it to has a right to be something more than what it is.  I suspect it will be a long wait, but as surely as it exists, so too must it grow towards the infinite potential within.

A mechanism surely exists by which sound and touch become smell, hearing, taste, and sight.  We higher organisms tend to take our gifts for granted, but how long ago do you suppose we were all rocks before we became trees?  Such are the questions of reincarnation.   And, if you concede to the idea of reincarnation, you see how the questions are an inevitable byproduct of the idea.  We all know that questions don't go away till they are answered (usually wrongly in many, many ways at first).

So a theory that is complete can explain all of that and put it together in a way that makes sense.  It's a tall order to be sure, but all the clues are around.

Where does the light of the immortal soul begin?  Within!  From darkness to light.  For within darkness, consciousness is always present.  All light thus must become darkness, and all darkness has light within it.  It's as simple as that.  You can't have one without the other, and each being proves this because everything that is light must return to darkness to be born again.  And every darkness that is present must return to light for all darkness must end.  Death destroys darkness, freeing the light within.  How strange indeed!

For some reason the light always grows.  I suppose it doesn't have a choice in the matter.  The darkness, of course, probably also grows.  As such they grow together in balance.  This is surely a sign of the fact that all things must return to balance after extremes are spent.