The Most Foul Game of the Glitterati

The glitterati, according to the conspiracy theory heads, are in league with the Dark Illuminati (as clearly distinct from the Light Illuminati) to fill you full of mysterious symbols that suck your soul out through the transdimensional vacuum pressure inherent in the void.  You see, what the Hollywood spirit suckers need is souls, souls, and more souls.  Any soul will do.  Yours.

The way to avoid this insidious mind control trap is to turn off the boob tube and move into the country and there preserve your precious bodily fluids from the evildoers by hiding.  If you're really good at hiding then the Hollywood freak brigade can't steal your coveted mojo.  

Let me tell you about the way this game is played, fool.  It's all about distraction.  If I distract you with my show, you won't be able to get off your ass and make a life for yourself.  I was warned about this clever dark side scheme years ago by an anonymous tip.  They said to me "don't fall for the show, fool, cause that's how they get you".  And it is.  The glitterati have been scamming us with their distractive anti-productivity mind control since Hollywood built its dark tower of projective hallucination with the curious help of some industrial corporate vampires looking to suck the life blood out of everything.  

But why, Madonna, why?  I trusted you!  You see, you can't really trust anyone on the big screen and their act.  Once they get you following them and worshiping them, you forget about yourself until one day you find yourself dead.  Wow, I bet you didn't see that one coming, eh?  It's always the glitterati that kill off the stragglers who spotted and avoided all the other traps the dark one puts out to trip up God's holy peoples.  It's in the dark manual, but I bet you didn't get the manual huh?  Yeah, there's a reason for that.  You have to join the Organization to get one.  Actually technically you have to climb up the ranks a bit and earn the right to get a glimpse at the manual.  They don't take kindly to those who say too much about what's in the manual.  Secrets, you understand friend, secrets.  

Technically only the head of the Organization can reveal anything without a price.  Just in case they appointed two heads to guard a third.  If that sounds mysterious, it's the way all this top secret dark info is really conveyed.  Everything is subtle allegory and dark shadings of the truth.  Getting to the facts is harder than pulling crocodile teeth.  In fact, there is some reason to suspect the crocodile is in on it too.  He's going to be really pissed when he realizes everyone else has been getting checks.

Subversion is the nature of the glitterati.  It's a quiet sort of pollution that goes unseen and unheard while it tears you apart inside slowly.  Only a sadist could come up with such evil, twisted stuff as Hollywood pumps out every day.  There are certainly not a few of those in the city of lost angels.  Just keep the masses distracted a little longer my dears and you will receive your reward.

Every day I see the face of another crummy political scum on TV or another glitterati sucking away precious planetary attention away from the crisis that we are all facing (you know nuclear weapons, death of planet from global warming, Fukushima, nuclear reactors everywhere, and child abuse) it becomes more and more difficult to stay positive.  It's really hard watching as a society is tricked into its own destruction by its own elites.  It's even harder to fathom why anyone would bother with the celebrity gossip sideshow that is obviously a distraction to keep our minds occupied with utter drivel.

Years ago my anonymous source, another one of my teachers in life, advised me that the whole purpose of the entertainment media complex was to keep everyone from thinking clearly.  It was designed by some devious individuals not just to make a profit, but to intellectually and spiritually corrupt our society to make it easier to control and subvert.  It was designed to make us want to be stupid idiots.  The young were purposely given false idols to worship that are the very worst examples of ordered functional human beings.  How would one explain the existence of Justin Bieber, may I be forgiven for mentioning his name.  But he is just the latest example in a long line of idols to be promoted for the apparent purpose of corrupting the nation's youth into accepting a primitive version of what it is to be human for the express purpose of keeping them primitive.  People who are kept primitive are easier to control

I don't believe in the Illuminati conspiracy theory.  I do believe, however, in the conspiracy of those in power that might have an idea to keep everyone stupid, dumbed down, and distracted.  It's very convenient as a trick. As long as the masses are thinking about what color hair they should be wearing, then the elite is never challenged.  So, what is it we are encouraged to think about?  Where is your next meal coming from (hint: it's from the elites)?  Shouldn't you be wearing more make-up darling?  Why did you miss your last haircut by several days?  Why didn't you shave yesterday?

Pretty innocuous stuff right?  Except there is a message loaded into every one of those statements.  The elite have a reason to promote everything and sometimes it's about status, sometimes it's about profit, but it's always to get you focused on what is meaningless to your best survival interests.  There is also a subtle pecking order to everything we deal with in our "free" society and those who are unconscious start playing it all the time (you know playing the pecking order game to see who they are ahead of in the "status" game).  I'm really good at spotting subtle fascist bullshit hidden behind apparently harmless stuff.  Only a fool sees apparently harmless stuff in our society.  Everything we do that we were told to do has built into it a reason why we were told to do it, and it was somebody's interest that got that message into our heads somehow.  That's why the devil is in the details, and why you're not supposed to ask questions about the details.  Shut your mouth and follow orders.  That's what high command wants.

But it's just not in your interest to listen to that.  You have to think for yourself because high command doesn't give two shits about you.  Not in this system.  You've got to think to know what is happening.  You have to understand the reason for the messages you are being given.  Is that a romance on tv or a subversion of your rights to make your own?  You see the con?  Turn the damn tv off.  Not only are we in a planetary crisis involving the whole of the human race, but the rat bastards on the screen are all out projecting their corruption and/or stupidity or incompetence on all of us.  The glitterati need to get some goddamn discipline and get in line with what people need to hear and stop playing this fucking game that is killing everyone.  Ambition is the route to death in this age.  Want something?  You're killing the whole fucking world.  Fix the damn thing first.  Stop wanting, and start fixing. 

If you're in Hollywood and you're worth more than you need to survive for the rest of your life then if you're making another movie (for what, more money? WTF?) while we are having a planetary crisis you're pissing me off for wasting your time, life, and most especially star power.  Do something useful to save this world instead of preening your fat star ego.  

It's not a movie you're going to see on the big screen, sorry darling.  The real message isn't for the lazy minded who want to hide in their hole and not wake up.  The world needs saving and it isn't going to be the Glitterati Army whose going to come to the rescue.  It's a fucking show, that's what those people do.  Life is work.  Work is hard.  But that's the real wealth.  That's the real show.  That's the real story.  I hope I have helped some of you wake the fuck up.  You really need to.  If it's a conspiracy, it doesn't even matter.  Just pull the plug on that bullshit and get a real life.  99.99% of the people on this planet are going to work for a living and .01% are going to live the Hollywood lifestyle or some version of it where they get to act vain and prance about because they are great at prancing.  

What they don't show you on all the movies is that for every one who makes it big there are a hundred who crashed and burned trying to get to be the impossible person.  It's a sick dream, you understand, that kills a hundred for every one that gets to be the special one.  Sobriety comes from looking at your life and serving through work and sacrifice.  It's not a popular message, but its the one that will save you from becoming a victim of the Glitterati.  It's not their fault entirely, they are what they are.  But I think one day there may be a disclaimer before every Hollywood movie and every TV show: Don't let this shit fuck up your life.  And, better yet, don't forget the real people in your life that mean more than any distant vague star that eats up your brain space from focusing on saving yourself and those closest to you.  

Want a star?  Meet one at the corner grocery market.  They are way more real and worthy of attention compared with those vague shadows we see on tv and on the big screen.  Everyone is a star in their own right.  Vicarious living is for the birds.