Reincarnation and Transpersonal Morality

If a person can see themselves as a spirit capable of reincarnating in any form at any time, it goes a long way to curing the problems we have today with race, gender, nationalism, and other ideas that divide people.  I've argued for this idea in my own circles for some time that if what it meant to be a human was transpersonal in the way that mystics see things, then all of the problems we have with divisions between us as human beings would disappear overnight.

I have also argued that if people could understand the nature of reincarnation and their own immortal nature then a large portion of the underlying causes for crime would also disappear as the individuals would see that attacking another person would only cause them to have to pay that person back in a future lifetime.  If everything you did to others was done to you or if you had to pay them back by being at their service in a major way, you would be far less inclined to commit crime.  Similarly those who attempt to escape life through their own violent death would also have to think twice if they realized they were immortal and the death they sought in the form of an escape wasn't actually possible, but that the pain they felt might be very real indeed and inescapable.  Such a realization might cause people to reconsider the ways in which they behaved.

For this simple idea reincarnation is a morally useful device for teaching people some degree of responsibility, especially those who tend to be self oriented.  If for no other reason than teaching the idea that one would return into new forms of you to not only fix what one couldn't fix for those who felt their lives weren't complete in some way, but also to rebuild what they took from others because of their selfishness.  In this way true justice is honored in some way.  The whole idea, though, when fully analyzed is very complex. There are alot of possible ins and outs to how karma would operate in this manner.

Karmic justice is not always an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth.  This is because karma can be suspended in full consciousness if the people are fully conscious or living in a more conscious social system in this life and because karma can also be paid back on the light.  Good karma offsets bad karma.  Now for some crimes this can take a considerable amount of good karma, but there is an exact tradeoff possible in every scenario hypothetically.  This gets into some rather grizzly discussions as you might imagine, but because no crime is infinite in time, it must be stated that it is possible for someone to pay it back hypothetically.  However, because of my new ideas concerning the nature of karma, no soul can be guilty of a crime for which it cannot pay back in time because such a scenario would be unjust.

The trouble with the karmic system is that it generates long term positive outcomes, so the short term is always left hanging.  One cannot use karmic morality as a justification for every single thing one does in all times that one does them.  This would force a massive amount of thinking or psychic intelligence on people who simple would not be ready for that level of understanding.  At a basic level it is sufficient to keep things in order.  Because our lives here are based largely on creating a better world for all, most questions of exacting karma are best left to the more dedicated mystics or occultists.  Because we are in a planetary environmental and general survival crisis for our species, things like karma are not going to be high on most people's priority list and technically should not be until the danger of human damage to both the general environment and to humanity itself is arrested.

Our societies need various types of reforms in order for us to achieve higher levels of conscience so that life gets better and better for everyone.  Systemic solutions must still be created by the leaders of this New Consciousness.  It will take a considerable amount of work still.  Also those who are enmeshed in the old ways of thinking are presenting a great deal of resistance.  I believe the part that can be played by reincarnation theory is as I have stated.  The idea of reincarnation points to the idea that all forms of human life are interchangeable and that anyone can incarnate as anything to teach them the oneness in all.  This important lesson shows the futility of racism as an idea instantly.  You are that which you attack, so you cannot continue attacking.  This idea is independent of any individual injustice contained within systems such are religious notions of identity.

But even religion here plays a similar role in that reincarnation states that all religions belong to you automatically as you are capable of incarnating in the role of any individual member of any individual religion.  This universalizes the experience for the open minded and removes the barrier of fear between religions.  Now, of course, this does not excuse the abuses of each religion in whatever form they take.  I will not directly quote these abuses here, but these abuses are the reason why finding a universal answer to religious peace proves so difficult.  Yet both of these conversations must take place if we are to move forward and begin to remove the differences between people in a manner that is compassionate.  And these discussions must take place at the right time ideally.

I don't think we are a species are truly ready to deal with the mess that has been let loose by all the shit hitting the fan at once, which is what is happening in our world right now.  The issues are being dealt with in the worst possible manner which as as attacks on groups for the purpose of increase the hostility and division between people.  But, of course, all abuse creates this same problem.  There isn't an easy answer, but there is a clear one.  The process must be done in a manner that is timely and deals with the largest issues first, the ones that great the greatest immediate threat of harm.

Reincarnation as an idea can't be advanced in the way I say in this concept of timing because it is considered offensive to some religious people who reject it.  However, it is still the easiest conceptual bridge to use to open any individual's mind to the possibility and make them realize the connection that is present.

As to the questions of solutions for universal peace on the planet and the resolution of the climate and ecological crisis created by technology, it will require alot of listening on everyone's part as opposed to the current projecting of hatred against other groups.  But perhaps we must see the consequences of hatred first as a collective in order to understand, once again, the necessity for better ways of dealing with each other.  Then, afterwards, we can have a discussion about karma, reincarnation, and how these horrible wounds are healed.  We cannot escape from our destiny to live our lives together on this planet and either create paradise together or perish together at each other's hands.  Immortality of the soul does not save one from the pain of failure to each other, rather it offers the chance to get it right again or suffer the same consequences until we understand the lesson.