Karma and the Atheist

The trouble with life in our physical 3-d world is that you can never know what's just around the next corner with your eyes alone.  You need some sort of fancy contraption like a drone to get you to see what's out there.  Or perhaps a remote camera operated from your personal headquarters of control to watch out and see who or what is coming to get you next.  Wouldn't it be nice if we all could have such technology at our disposal?  I'm sure the sign up list would be quite long on that one.

And why not?  After all, somewhere down in that disturbed brain of ours we know that somewhere out there is karma.  And karma is coming to get us.  Even that friendly atheist boy down the street who always smiles when he sees you.  It'll get him too.  

If you haven't realized the fear of karma, then surely you must live in an atheist paradise where the universe revolves around random chance happenings because the damn equation that runs this universe still hasn't quite sorted itself out thoroughly enough to grant you that $3 mil you've been begging for.  Well at least you're not like those New Age quackpot flakes who still think that the power of positive intention is going to be heard by the universe and drop them a free lunch just because they beg loud enough.  Isn't that what those fake pretend Christians do, but instead of the universe they pray to the big man upstairs.  You know, that guy.

That guy, incidentally, never mentioned anything about karma in his long speeches to those poor Jews who were forced to write down all his jabbering into that black book they hawk at every corner promising the transdimensional free lunch of a 1000 lifetimes if you buy into the John 3:16 bit for all it's worth.  All you have to do is accept the big guy's special kid into your hearts and presto instant eternity with everything you want!  Screw this place, I'm out.  Sold and sold by and by.  Or as they say in Kentucky "sign me up fool!".

Well since I've done my bit to save my eternal soul, I can move back upstairs with the old man and ask him a few questions about all this mess.  What's going to happen to all the atheists?  Will they be able to find their way through to the fat transdimensional paradise promised to all those Jesus freaks, but their own sick and twisted atheist version of it?  And what about karma?  Does the God of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe in karma?  Or is that question just another con by that rascally devil?  Always busy tricking those believers into believing in the big con!  Does that guy ever quit?  I think we all know the answer to that question.

As I like to say, karma keeps on turning, and the illusion keeps on burning.  What would the atheist say about karma?  I figure the average atheist is, at heart, an escape artist.  He has no interest in being responsible for anything outside of this reality, if he really has an interest in any responsibility in this reality either.  I know how I feel about responsibility, so I have to cut those poor atheist bastards some slack.  They get hated on alot too, so they get some more slack for that as well.  

An atheist is, from what I can tell, free from the responsibility to care about what happens in the hereafter.  So an atheist wouldn't particularly care about karma or any responsibility to the future in this regard.  He or she would have to be a pure moralist or a person of deep conscience to give a shit about anything other than number one if he or she believed that death was the end of all things personal.  Such a position is almost admirable if you are into martyrdom and suffering.  What a heroic stand to take!  And in the midst of such a stark and empty conception of the universe and such a desolate sense of the human being.  Bravo!  Well played.

Alright, now that I'm done buttering you atheists up, obviously now I must insist that you answer some questions of mine.  If you believe that death is the end of all things personal to you and that you become nothing on demise of your body, then why do people cry when other people suffer?  Crying makes no sense biologically.  Your eyes aren't especially full of junk that needs to be purged when something bad happens to someone else.  Why does universal empathy exist in many people when such empathy makes no sense logically according to the biological definition of emergent properties of psychology through natural selection by differential reproductive success?  Is such empathy a temporary defect of human psychology that is a momentary glimmer of a shadow of projection that is bound to be erased through evolution?  Or is it a reflection of a deeper connection that is more real than the temporary illusion of separation defended by your ideology of choice?  What goes into that begins perhaps a journey into the nature of what is real and what isn't real in the context of emotion.  

Karma is an idea that states essentially that everything we do has a consequence for the future of everything however everything goes together and that the fruits (karma) of our actions (dharma) returns to us in many forms in the future depending on how everything goes together.  At a basic level one could presuppose the theory of karma that most people in the west talk about which is instant karma or the karma of this life as opposed to the karma of the eastern spiritual tradition which is the karma of many lives, what could be called simple transpersonal karma.  But because karma is a bitch, karma actually exists universally to all things around us which is complex or universal karma.  Watch out grabbers, the bitch is back!  And she is out to get you!

Now back to our line of reasoning here.  Instant karma is something the atheist could appreciate.  It says that for every action in this life an equal and opposite reaction will occur causing a increase in the probability of that action being done to the person who did it depending on environmental circumstances and various other direct factors involved.  If you go around attacking people, you will eventually be attacked if you do it long enough.  Instant karma is the general day to day balance of all the shit that happens in life.  Universal karma, on the other hand, addresses a major problem in justice in that if a person losses something in life they can't get back and they die permanently in atheism or go to heaven forever in Christianity, Islam, fill-in-the-blank, etc then how is it fair to them if they cannot get it back in this life?  That's the rub right there, the pebble in the shoe if you will, or the splinter in your mind (obviously the Matrix reference).  

The atheist must resolve this problem by stating "life's not fair, that's the way it is".  And that's where the debate ends for them if they are dedicated to the atheist way of thinking.  Unless they have become or graduated to being transpersonal atheists (an atheist who believes in life after death but still doesn't believe in God), but such a thought requires some serious mental monkeying around.  But for the rest of everyone the questions remains:  how is that fair?  And what happens if the person doesn't die satisfied with the results of life and yet still exists in the transdimensional reality as a soul and can incarnate again?  

That's where we get into some really interesting thoughts about how much trouble you can get yourself into by screwing up way too many people.  After all, you're counting on death to save you if you're a real scumbag aren't you?  If you looted the world and ran off with the goods, what happens if you don't die?  What happens if there is still a bill to pay later?  That would really suck for you, now wouldn't it?  And if you didn't believe in God or an afterlife, you see how that wouldn't help if the reality was you were an immortal transpersonal being and you've racked up a karmic debt.  So you see reality does matter, the question is what is real and how do we prove it if what is real is something we can't see, taste, touch, smell, or hear with our basic senses.  The devil is in the details my friends.  

I have way of proving that involves what I call the sense rule.  If it makes sense, its probably going to be a more interesting version of the universe than the one you held before.  If it's entertaining to your ear, it's probably the right answer if you keep going forward.  It's like Galdalf in the Lord of the Rings when he gets to the three doorways in Moria and can't remember the way.  He didn't know the right way to go but he followed his nose.  "The air smells less foul this way," was loosely what he said.  Bingo!  As above so below and on we go.

Life has to be like the artist, fun loving and expansive.  The blocks on the road have to be like karma, moments of self reflection.  When karma is done blocking, we are free to pass.  This can take time depending on alot of factors the primary one being the environment in which one finds one's self.  Eventually the block clears and things flow again.  But the key is to remain conscious of the change and shift in yourself.  Once in awhile you can force the issue.  But there is alot that goes into the process of dodging karmic bullets.  It's not for the weak minded.  

Even the atheist can admit we live in a big universe.  It might be infinite.  And if you believe in immortality it has to be!  You see what one switch of one's mind can do?  It's like the difference between heaven and hell within.  In one case you know heaven's real because you can believe in it and you can understand why it has to be.  In the other case you have to know that darkness and endings are real because they have to be.  Promise is the great hope of the infinite mind.  With it all things are possible.  And yet we live in a world where all of that is within.  You have to find it in yourself to believe in it in spite of everything that this world teaches you about what is real to it.  Darkness to darkness, light to light.  All the things we do are sanctified by our sacrifice.  We gave our lives to these truths so that they may be known to the world.

What can a good atheist do in the face of such nonsense?  I might even have convinced some of you to drop your doubt for a second.  But you'll be back to your old habits in no time.  It's too easy to be a non believer.  All I gotta do each day is say no to everything I hear.  God bless the easy way!  It's the way for me too!  Oh yeah, the boss needs some stuff on his desk by noon so no time for that religious quackpottery today.  So back to your job, fool.

Just don't piss off karma.  She's got her eye on you and your boss too.  What goes around comes around.