For Love of The Patriarchal Military Supersystem

The nature of the societies we live in can be named.  That's the wonder of words.  Like magic labeling something creates a conscious link between the form of the dark we feel to be present and the light of that mind that describes the situation.  While deep in thought the other idea I was able to name the nature of our "political" system on Earth.  Earth currently is a patriarchal military supersystem.

A patriarchy is a system run by men for those of you who need some basic education on this matter.  Men in patriarchies hold position in the command control hierarchy of the power elite through compulsive psychological projection of aggressive dominance.  This is natural in most animals due the facts of evolutionary biology (with obvious exceptions in certain insects and a few other examples).  However, this system, like all systems, is subject to periodic readjustments in consciousness to realign the power distribution because once the female of the species realizes her disadvantage she take certain actions to rebalance the equation.  This of course creates the anti-patriarchal consciousness of feminism which is of course a radical departure from balance itself.  But this reaction also creates the universal mean which is the source of the ultimate balanced solution to the patriarchal disbalance which began the disturbance in human consciousness creating the ideological beast itself, the patriarchal military super system.

Feminism, while not patriarchal, is still patri-form (that which resembles the primitive dominant father archetype) because it contains within it a radical attachment to hierarchical modes of relation.  It is also a very genderized ideology.  Hierarchy is a emergent property of masculine conflicts in nature to determine which male has mating rights within the male hierarchy (to what extent "rights" in animal societies can be said to exist in any formal manner whatsoever).  In so much as such a system is unconscious it is still natural as an emergent property of animal consciousness.  It is pristine in its primitiveness except for its rather grizzly side effects of destruction, and by extension in people, war and rape culture.  It is the realization of the horror that is the side effect of domination through brute consciousness that must ultimately cause the reduction of patriarchy in consciousness as a system and any unnatural emergent property reactions that is produces as a byproduct by sociological ideologicalization (such as radical feminism).

Balance is the nature of order.  Reactions are not the source of order, but ultimately derive from imbalances in perspective.  A complete perspective is required to resolve the complex permanently.  The anti-male and anti-female constructs are in fact useless negative reactions against reality that have no value.  Such extremism leads only to the expansion of the patriarchal military supersystem.  Even going so far as to be anti-patriarchal also feeds the system.  Patriarchy is a natural emergent property of a complex series of social necessities that drive its existence.  It cannot be destroyed by any external power because this will only fuel a new argument against the sectarian radicalism being presented.

Radicalism fuels sectarianism (which can be called factionalism) which fuels the military cycle of conflict.  The conflict originates because someone has decided someone else is the enemy and has effectively declared themselves anti-something which they have decided is dangerous or unnatural.  These series of steps are inevitable however so we cannot even judge the process of this judgement.  Every single piece of the consciousness that created the judgement is linked to every other single piece in a seamless whole that links the parts in final judgement.  It conclusion is inescapable and in fact that matter is doomed because of it.  This is then the the pronouncement of dooms of all the patriarchal mystery cults such as the prophets of the three major western religions.

While the doom is sealed, the contents of the doom is not specified as it cannot be.   Each of us has a choice to realize the value of existence in our search of the ultimate answer of the crisis in consciousness, that which my teacher describes as a separation from God, or our darkness.  This realization is individual and involves what is called a return to full consciousness, a waking from your personal nightmare a member of the patriarchal military supersystem cult or perhaps another type of cult as more than one variation exists.

To what extent it is valuable the idea of the patriarchal military supersystem is a universal concept of a fluid field of order that exists to determine how the resources of the world are divided between the factions of this grand illusion.  It is a supersystem because it has more than two nodes of power (every capital of every country and organization in the world is a node).  It is military because it's primary means of expression is hostile, aggressive, dominant, and ultimately destructive.  It, of course, cannot "win" over the alternative because it a system based on a world of archetypes whose opposites are contained in each other.  The inevitable doom of such a system is to fail because it cannot but fail.  Life is stronger that the illusion so ultimately all things must return to balance again.

To what extent the idea can be mastered, the concept of this system is an exercise in the great intellectual bullshit of our times, that which is called Game Theory.  For those familiar with systems analysis, the root of the problem is that in Game Theory everyone must be assigned an agenda and collusion towards the common good is almost a miraculous occurrence.   If we assume such a cynical view of the world that is based on misrepresentations of true motivations then we become a victim of our own analytical machine.  I was educated in that manner in political science, and practiced my Game Theory to perfection.  If we do in fact live in a patriarchal military supersystem it is not because it is ordained by nature (we are not animals) so thus it is because we choose to remain cultists to the creed of domination and subservience.  Such systems can never be at peace because attempts to redistribute power will consonantly be occurring.   Game theory thus can only have one plausible end, the end of the game itself as rational actors, i.e. thinking people, will eventually realize the futility of the sectarian process itself.

All secterian conflict must converge on a singular unity.  This is inevitable.  No amount of resistance can prevent this.  The reason is that order is derived from singularity of consciousness, what we call agreement.  Even when we agree to disagree we must still agree, do you see?

I am certainly encouraging reformists, I am one of them.  However, the process of reform must occur with a general understanding of how it is that resistance to the solution exists and must acknowledge the source of that resistance as being legitimate in consciousness.  How can it not be?  This is not, however, a call for universal forgiveness or tolerance of evil, but instead an open invitation to consider the possibility of universal peace from full acknowledgement of the legitimacy of perspective and full justice to all aggrieved parties.  How this justice emerges in consciousness is not the property of any one individual but instead is the understanding of what justice is and how it must come about.

No single person can define personal justice for anyone, no matter how great.  And all must be judged in the end to be redone and reforged anew to make that which must be more perfect with every age of our lives as humans.  Such a process is a master work of each individual understanding this deep resonance to the truth of our singularity in spirit.  We are one, but that is not so easy to experience as a simple mantra for we must be one with the pain in everyone in order to understand.  This is not an easy journey, but it is the source of true love in our souls.  Without this, we are lost, drifters through the ideological menagerie of our clever escapism.  Now, it is 2017 and we must awaken to this truth.  We are no longer safe in error for much pain will be unleashed until we truly learn who we really are..  And, of course, we will.

With Love and Knowledge,

Chris Freely