Spiritual Warriors of the New Zeitgeist

It's been a long journey through consciousness to the place we are right now.  Once upon a time we all decided to get together and create an idea of togetherness based upon the ideal of planetary togetherness.  Yet here we stand a years, decades, or centuries after the announcement of the arrival of this new age of ideological revolution almost no closer to our goal than when we set out on the journey.  What has happened that has made our effort to create a new zeitgeist so unsuccessful?

Those of us who have made a conscious effort to redefine the very nature of human experience have often run into the rather daunting problem of the masses and their stubborn and rather lazy notion of what reality must consist of.  Implicit in this resistance is the self serving agenda of billions of not so well wishing grouchy selfish people. And how is one supposed to precisely confront billions of selfish narcissists with the truth of their inability to find common ground with each other?  Believe me, it's not an easy process.

Certainly the media hasn't helped our goal.  In the hands of the ruling class of ideological and religious capitalists (i.e. the worship of yon golden calf of old effectively) the media has made exposing this idiotic assortment of bad decision making and corrupt self deception next to impossible.  Most of the truth tellers don't have sufficient knowledge to begin to address the problem.  And the younger generation seems more addicted to cell phones than to doing anything about their future either.

What to do then?  Well, someone is going to once again step up to the plate and call the fat cats out on their stuff and the people on theirs.  Today that someone is me.  My advice: go start an argument with someone about nasty corrupt bullshit situations you are fed up with.  Do it today.  You may just save someone else's soul, and in the process get a piece of yours back too.

However if you ignore my message then you are a lazy irresponsible narcissist, which in all likelihood you don't care about.  Well my friend, if you are one of those people who doesn't like to help others I have news for you.  One day all that is going to catch up to you and you won't like it.  The future is in your hands.  Make of it as you will.  Remember, though, just about everyone is keeping score, and they have their eye on you.  And more importantly, someone else needs you, so don't screw it up.

As a wise man once told me, welcome to Earth.  Her fate belongs to you.