Chris And The United States

The United States. It's a hodgepodge of contradictions. Contradictions don't last. A nation at cross purposes to itself. America is its own worst enemy. At the core is a lack of knowledge.

I myself understand. I too an a hodgepodge of contradictions often at odds with myself.

The United States and I share some very interesting astrology chart contacts in this regard. Saturn squares the US sun in its natal chart. My moon conjunct the us sun shows a powerful emotional bond to my birth country and also shares the saturn square with its visceral distaste for government. In addition my pluto c onjuncts the us saturn making for a rather uncomfortable experience of me having to challenge rather extremely the structure of the United States system itself. My sun opposes the saturn pluto combo meaning its personal, bitch. In addition that shitty us saturn opposes my mercury (this post is mercury saying f-off to the us system). To make matters better my sad Venus is also opposed to this saturn. In case no one noticed I'm in bulgaria right now nursing my lifelong frustration.

I have felt like an outsider crushed by the system of the US most of my life. Part of this is because my parents are immigrants and my father especially never adapted to us culture. He was always a bulgarian in his heart. I on the other hand am almost from a different time in many ways. Like a future America as America was meant to be not how it is.

I am close to people who relate to themselves from this point of view. One planet one people. I don't believe in nation, race, or religion. My identity is human. I relate to people's personal experience in life, not to the fake labelling system which hides our true nature from each other and destroys human intimacy at every level.
People are people but lies are lies. The human experience was made to be intimate. We are meant to be close to each other not far away. We are meant to be a human family. Yet everyday we invent reasons to deny this because of fear, insecurity, attachment, and a host of other half baked rationale
We are destroying our own greatest desires. We have forgotten what we truly yearn for. This is true for all of humanity in general.

Survival has become our greatest excuse. We claim we are surviving yet every day ignoring the warning signs that say otherwise. Individuals don't survive. In case you didn't notice you need at least one male and one female for a human race to survive at the most basic definition. So why is the us so obsessed with "individuality". It's great for art but it makes a really shitty survival strategy and is in fact antiromantic. So much for intamacy.

In the us chart this is signified by moon in Aquarius. Emotions through ideology of individuality in this case. But unromantic Aquarius opposes the hot romantic Leo. The us is an unromantic country with cold emotions often caught up in instances of ideological turmoil. Great for science though and for friendship based on common ground between people.

My problem here is that my saturn in Leo is at odds with the US moon in Aquarius. There is just no winning. America's ideals of freedom I find cold and lacking. There isn't enough order in them for my saturn. I'd rather guns be banned and kids raised to respect a higher standard of personal discipline. I'd rather live in a society that has a higher level of personal maturity when it comes to creating consciousness. I like some of the freedom of expression but hate how it becomes a cause onto itself. Where is the final choice to embrace true freedom of personal expression as a whole?

But the US is not whole! Americans don't agree on much. Instead of embracing true freedom we have gotten bogged down in fighting each other over what true freedom means and then imposing those views on the other half and then on the whole freaking world!

It can't continue people. It goes against liberty, the right to self determination. In my personal opinion States should start pursuing their cultural ends. With the exception only of fossil fuel and nuclear technology regions of America must differentiate through the increase in local power choice (States power vs feds) within the limits of conscious understanding. America must evolve from a nation into a civilization. It cannot remain like a giant kindergarten where everything is controlled by self appointed cultural dictators.
Thats it for now. More thought for food.