Creating Civilization

What is our reason for creating?  What is our reason for being?  Driving forwards into the future of humanity and the collective we can see what is the most likely set of trends evolving from the present to the future.  On one hand are the ideas of astrology, which in theory state that the future of humankind is somewhat readable from the procession of ages, a map from the unconscious revealable to the super conscious mind through conscious investigation and focus.  On the other hand is the unknown decisions of billions of individual people as they reach forth to find their own identities in a sea of information.

According to what I know, our species exists for a reason.  It exists to become a civilization, and then to master the cycles of civilization.  It also exists to master technology.  In this regard technology encompasses not the common definition of technology in industry and communications through electronics but also the dynamics of the technology of the body through the various sciences of medicine and anatomy.  However, as a necessary and complete warning to any civilization, before we attempt to master these areas of our possible development, it was and still is more prudent to master the conscience of the individual.

While it cannot be assumed that any individual civilization can be developed without technology, ideally a prudent civilization structures its development in such a way that the philosophical, moral, inner, or psychological side of technological development is guaranteed before any mass expansion is initiated.  However, such a process, being structured in such a manner, is likely a rarer feature than the haphazard way that most species likely develop.  In this respect, we most likely have outdone ourselves in haphazardness, recklessness, and poor decision making as a collective.  I would not bet even that this species is average in this regard, but instead likely one of the poorer examples in the universe.  I might be wrong in this, but I would not hazard to bet on our ability to organize ourselves to any great extent even compared to other species of a similar technological level or similar level of psychological development.  None the less the failures in the development of collective evolution are something of a concern of mine as I have noted quite a few rather egregious issues most proving human incompetence and sloppiness of multiple levels of generally necessary mental discipline.

Whether or not this is an accident of consciousness or a secondary product of some metaphysical nature relating to a more distant issue in time, I would not attempt a guess presently.  What is important is that this lack of order be rectified so that humanity is put back on track in its necessary course of development.  In this I think a final judgement of the past few ages in order.  Some errors have been committed and continue to be committed that must be reduced in absolute reason to their most simple frameworks.  In this regard we need to be free from certain notions as a civilization in order to proceed with precision to a conclusion that is necessary for us to see clearly what it means to be masters of civilization at the basic level. 

We are entering the Age of Aquarius it should be noted that Aquarius is not a sign of rigid order.  No, Aquarius is about emergence as a function of evolution.  It is a sign that is, for us, more akin to birth, but the birth of uniqueness and multiplicity of possible expression.  It is not, like Capricorn, a sign of discipline.  So, thus, whatever my personal preferences in terms of how our species in going to develop, the collective zeitgeist of the next 2200 years or so is going to be one of self discovery.  This is necessary and proper, but it does not eliminate the need to consider some very fundamental facts of how civilizations develop.

The nature of civilization is such that it emerges from collective notions of self.  The self concept is critical to understanding the psychology of civilizational expansion.  What is being sold by any particular civilization is its knowledge.  That knowledge imparts its meaning through the expressions of art and culture that make civilization whole.  Civilization is the extension of philosophy and defined spirituality through operations of development.  Civilization is the product of mass consciousness but also the product of advanced consciousness as leaders create the zeitgeist of civilization through their vision.  The leaders acquire followers and the followers carry out the vision.  The end result should be, ideally, a conscious civilization with a purpose, a mission, a defined parameter of development, a timetable, and an ultimate aim of realization (among other things).

Civilization is about the expression of imperative, which is the conscious directive of a particular philosophy of being.  Most of what we have experienced so far in terms of these developments are what essentially boil down to personality cults of various former divine or semi-divine teachers such as Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad,  Confucius, etc.  Yet none of these religious forms of worshiping the idol are truly a form of expression that can be considered advanced, much less divine.  Without a better model of creative development, the promises of such prophecies as given in the Bible can never be fulfilled.  The reason is because their implementation is sloppy, lacking detail, and purpose.  The chief proof of this is the obvious inconsistency with which these prophecies have been formed.  It is almost as if a bunch of drunk idiots decided to get together for the purpose of confusing everyone by throwing out ridiculous half baked ideas while high on some substance or another.  Now, I don't know about you, but I don't like the idea of following any type of idea that doesn't sound complete and sane.

Can you imagine sending down some ancient cosmic emissary to be incarnated on this planet in such a way?  Where is the welcoming committee?  If Jesus was so important to Christians, why aren't they actively seeking for him on the planet in his human incarnation?  What are there plans for when he arrives?  Where is the group of people dedicated to awaiting his arrival?  At least Jews leave out a cup of wine for Elijah's return, Christians just expect their messiah to save their stinking asses and drop them into a heaven without any sacrifice on their part because of his pleasing nature (They must figure that Jesus is the biggest sucker ever).   No, of course, he is supposed to do all the work (again?) and drag himself through another harrowing hate fest for a bunch of ingrates who aren't even trying to make him feel the slight bit welcome.  What kind of spiritual heritage is that?  I'll tell you, it's a lousy one.

This gets back to the point of what a civilization is supposed to be built on which is conscious intelligently designed and meaningful rituals of living and relating.  If you are going to have a messiah, then you should expect that messiah.  At least the Tibetan Buddhists have gotten that far.  But lets be honest, all of this really isn't enough to make a civilization worthwhile.

At the basic level, priorities are priorities.  I would argue this world isn't ready to welcome any Messiah worth his weight in salt much less gold.  Any real Messiah would put the welfare of the current generation of children in this world way ahead of his or her fat ego.  So then, while its all dandy to have a fully developed civilization that can consciously participate in the celebration of spiritual greatness of reincarnated great masters from the past, all of that comes before the need just to get rid of things that any such master would be appalled are still here; like starving children, child abuse, or the mass destruction of the planet's ecosystem by thieves, liars, and incompetents. 

So what this leaves us with is the problem of creating a basic society.  If we can manage that, then we can start to redesign every system to allow for the emergence of civilization, which is the by-product of many individuals achieving various degrees of self mastery.  As an astrologer this seems appropriate for an Age of Aquarius process leading to something more systemic in terms of collective expression in the Age of Capricorn and Sagittarius.  Realistically humans need to fix their basic problems again as our modes of being are broken.  This is the greatness of our day, a return to the basic truths of life.  A simpler spirituality for a more complex one, one that is realized through individual understanding of our individual responsibility to ourselves, the human world, and the planet.

In time I believe the Aqe of Aquarius will see the birth of a new civilizational model.  This model will be rooted in new concepts of self inquiry and self exploration born of the necessity of the crisis of our times.  As these concepts take root, a series of gradual changes will reveal the potential of future generations to them as they live their experience.  Yet leaders in consciousness will emerge to point to way to the future by revealing what within ourselves has been holding us back.  We are ready to emerge.  Civilization may indeed still be possible.  The choice belongs to us, and so it always must no matter what age we live in.