The Karma of Bad Dharma

Karma is a complex business.  It would take me a few thousand pages to describe what I suspect I know about it.  But since getting to the point is important in this ever speeding post modern hyperworld we live in, I would summarize some conclusions with a few simple points.

Karma basically isn't a great thing unless you like fixing mistakes you've made.  Since we have all made some mistakes we should all be very happy to know that we can fix them theoretically.  But in truth fixing problems is quite an annoyingly painstaking process that most of us would prefer to avoid altogether.  This is understandable given how our world works at the current time.

Karma can't however simply be discounted or reduced to nothing.  The screw over job that you've gotten from some questionable people in this lifetime or that can't simply be erased.  No, nothing less than justice demands fair compensation for your unpleasant experiences.

So the universe's solution is to create systems of consciousness that allow for debts from the past to be repaid.  Hurt one person, and you don't just get of the hook.  You get stuck in your bad karma so that lifetime after lifetime you are forced to fix the error that you created in the first place.

I don't like delivering the bad news.  It's nothing I relish with great eagerness.  But the fact of the matter is that you will pay off the things that you have done, and sometimes, for the things that you failed to do.  Such is the world of karma, just like the world of dharma.

Dharma is a Hindu world that means essentially "duty".  We all have duties to perform.  Yet we are all responsible for our karma.  We are also all responsible for what we create.  This complex situation creates a series of inevitable consequences to everything that we have done and haven't done.  This situation extends to collectives and individuals.  No one escapes from karma in the same way that no one escapes from dharma.

There is however, a catch.  The catch is that if you create a system of consciousness that is sufficiently advanced in its ability to create good, then you can short circuit karma through an advanced system of dharma.  A system of duty that is fully conceived is a system of duty that becomes karma light (not karma free).  However, because of the Law of Karma, failure to create that system becomes a debt against everyone who hasn't realized this yet.  Ignorance of karma does not protect you from karma.  Ignorance of dharma does not protect you from dharma.  Just as you in this physical world hopefully know that wishful thinking doesn't erase the pain of being here.

The karma of bad dharma is something easy to understand.  It is nothing less than the indictment of a world that failed us, the children of the Earth.  Because bad dharma begets bad karma, you can't simply wish away all the destruction created by the consequences of past actions and inactions catching up to you.  Everything is ultimately catching up to everyone all the time.  What this means is that our societies will inevitably collapse because they are against the true nature of the universe which demands that all societies evolve into higher forms of dharma or die back to a full reset.  Personally, I don't like full resets as it means all progress we have accomplished so far as a pre-civilization must be done over from scratch but without convenient forms (relatively speaking) of electrical energy.  But such may be the consequences of the legendary incompetence of the fallen people of this age. 

According to dharma, trying is lying, only results matter.  And dharma demands nothing less than perfect results.  In that respect dharma is cold and inhuman.  But karma is cold or hot and nasty business in either case.  The thing karma cares about is getting what is due.  The emergence of a system of good dharma is inevitable in the evolution of consciousness.  The only question is whether the planet will survive long enough to allow it to emerge in this retched society of people that we deal with at this moment of pre-human history.   Time is always against us, and the world's stupidity is taxing our humanity right out of existence.

Perhaps it should have been engraved in some holy book somewhere "thou shalt listen."  But the details seem to have flown the coup along with every other meaningful measure of real progress a long time ago.  Intelligence is, at best, a rare gift in this fallen age of waste, corruption, deceit, and incompetence.  Those that have it would argue that is more a curse having to live with the total wreck of a system the we deal with daily and knowing how utterly incapable of change our system has become.  None the less, spiritual messengers have somehow managed to say a few things to a few people in the hopes of moving the collective karma forwards.  Occasionally slightly innovative dharmic systems have even popped up out of the collective stupid through the herculean efforts of a few dedicated spiritual warriors.  It has been far too long since our last innovation.  Our socities no longer function effectively for human needs though there are arguably few humans among the masses of people who are more like clever beasts than anything resembling a proper human being, and perhaps even fewer among the corrupted, decadent, and ignorant "elite".

So the ideas that are the bedrock of our way of life have failed, and society is simply too slow, stupid, and incompetent to recognize it.  And karma will still take it's pound of soul, the same as dharma will take its pound of flesh.  The world turns, the karma burns, and the price will be paid by everyone.