Monkey Wrench in the Machine

Have you ever wondered why the world has stopped working?  Isn't it a little odd that it appears at times that it is working, but in reality everyone in the know knows that what appears to be progress is nothing more than a slow march to inevitable death.  So why has the world stopped working?  What changed from the time that everything had meaning and today.  The answers are actually hideously complicated at the same time mostly obvious.

Everything we do as beings has to have a reason that is clear to us.  When we step outside of the boundaries of what we understand we enter into the no man's land of the unknown.  It is here that we, as individuals or groups, can become lost.  We enter into commitments with powers we don't understand.  In this mortal world of matter, our unconscious commitments become our chains to hierarchy, race, corporations, governments, and religion.  We have been ordered to make those commitments by those above us in the hierarchy of patriarchy (or the vestigial hierarchy as the case may be).  Yet, in order to be completely on task with accomplishing our purpose in life, we must know what it is we are committing ourselves to, otherwise things begin to go horribly wrong.

People naturally want to do their duty to the collective.  Yet when that duty conflicts with other messages in our consciousness, it becomes increasingly difficult to do so.   Can anyone in their right mind follow a chain of command that does not do what is right for the collective?   Can anyone who feels good about themselves go along with orders that contradict their conscience?  The answer is that they cannot.  This is the conflict of morals, and it is the monkey wrench in the machine.

We are in moral conflict with ourselves in this day and age.  No one believes in the chain of command, yet we are still required to follow orders to get paid.  Yet those of us in the know know that we are not even getting paid anymore really.  In the haze of confusion, the cracks of the system are becoming more visible with each passing day, week, month, and year.  There is no justification for continuing to support the immoral process that is destroying all of us.  The conflict becomes clearer the more you think about it.  And the more you think about it, the less confidence you have about the future of the machine which is the system of order, the chains of duty implied by unconscious directive from the top to the bottom.

What is our duty?  What is our values?  What is our nature?  Is it to serve the machine that is bringing us all to ruins?  Can a man or woman of thought consider the possibility fully without becoming fully resistant to the notion of continuing for another day in contradiction?  Contradiction is what breaks the will.  It is the war with ourselves that we fight each day to decontaminate our minds and hearts from the parasites of bad agreements, bad ideas, and bad commitments.  Decontaminating ourselves we become free agents in a world that is sinking toward its inevitable demise because it cannot self direct.  It cannot make choices.  It is just a machine of consciousness made up of individuals capable of seeing or incapable of seeing.

Here the dividing line is clear between the evolution of the conscious and the evolution of the unconscious.  Some are so enmeshed in the machine logic that they cannot fathom change.  They cannot understand transformation.  They are agents of the system.  They will defend it onto their last breath.  Yet for those who have taken the step to walk away from the lie, the contradictions are clear in that what they point to is an inevitable moment of choice where one must either become free or remain a slave to conditioning.  And as long as one is clear one will always choose the former over the later.

This is then what the great concealment is all about.  You cannot be allowed to know what your real choices are.  Everything in the system's programming is designed to offer you a series of false choices.  These choices serve the interests of those offering those choices, yet at the same time imprisons them in a karma of which, if they know the whole story, they would not be participating in either.  In short, the system is, from the point of view of a completely free being, a trap.  It offers only more of the same eternal loop where destiny is determined by birth into the same special classes of individuals who have been elevated in consciousness to the status of supreme specialness.  Yet this is all an illusion as everything we do and choose has clear and unavoidable consequences both in this world and in the next.  We are compelled to learn because we see what it is to which we are all being lead.  No one chooses to be a slave to support a system of specialness for the spoiled and rotten.  Such a system will never, ever be a permanent feature of any world or universe we live in because it goes against the nature of life.

And this unavoidable truth is what the system and its controllers cannot avoid.  It is the inescapable truth, the law of psychological gravity that underlies the whole of collective psychology.  If the contradiction inherent in individual personal moral crisis is the monkey wrench in the machine, then the blindness of the leaders shows that they do not have command over the very mechanism of reality that they must have in order to maintain their roles as leaders.  They have failed the test of duty by failing to be conscious of the nature of the system of which they are implied to be in direct ownership.  How can one own something one has no control over? 

Hence the inevitable outcome that stalks our collective fears and worries.  The end of the system.  It's inevitable collapse due to lack of conscious knowledge.  And of course, the rise of a new class of conscious leadership which must answer the crisis.  It is inevitable as the sun rises that a new order is not far from the horizon.  The drums are beating in the deep.  The mind is turning, ever turning in the heads of men and women.  Thought is forming that will manifest in transformational revolution.  Nothing can stop it now.  The conflict and contradictions revealed by the analysis cannot be erased.   An order built on lies cannot stand.  By their nature people fix problems.  When they notice them, they start working.  And hence, the leaders have no control over anything because conscious people making conscious choice are the ones who build worlds, not those who are in a reactionary reflex to protect personal interests.  The game ends when the selfish and self serving are deposed from the their positions of privilege.  It has happened before, and it will happen again, because that is the nature of evolution.

What will emerge?  What is the nature of our future?  It is people fixing problems the same way they always have, by making choices about who they are and what they do.  So the nature of the future is exactly the same as the past. When the machine breaks, we build a new one.  When we forget who we are, we set on a journey to discover ourselves again as it has been done from the beginning of everything everywhere.  It is a return to that which is fundamental and real, which is the journey towards meaning.  And it is the loss of meaning that has made our collective systems of consciousness (our "culture") irrelevant.  A new culture is needed.  A new spirituality to replace the old.  A new system of administration to effect true justice and understanding.  And all of which demonstrate that we need a new generation of leaders that are completely clear about their duties to the planet and its people.  If we are to rise and create humanity, a lofty word which to me means a self conscious self reflecting species of conscious and responsible beings, we will have to discard the shell of deception that has been cast upon us by a rotting, irresponsible cast of characters that has long outlived their usefulness to our species.  It is time to take out the trash and clean up the filth.  And all of this begins by becoming clear about who we are as individuals through the values we choose for ourselves.

There is a huge amount of real work that needs to be done.  At the end, we will have reappointed purpose back into our societies, reason back into our discourses, and vitality back into our relationships with each other and the planet.  What this means is that we are on the verge of the purging of corruption at all levels of our world from corruption within ourselves to the corruption at the highest levels of privilege (Note that I do not use the term Power).  It is time that we all started working from our highest sense of duty to perform the necessary actions to make this world whole again and fully healed for the future to meet us with gratitude.