Consequences of the Game

Everyone plays the game, even the one's not playing.  If you doubt this, then perhaps you haven't noticed the way the universe is constructed around you and within you to make this an inevitable consequence of making the decision to exist in the first place.  The beings all around us point to the inevitable rise of conflict over the future of creation.  War, the distant cousin of the game, makes its presence felt in our lives.  We rise up to meet the challenge of the oncoming rush to determine fate and destiny.  Our agendas are at stake!  Everything we have worked towards threatened by the sea of opposition within and without, we seethe at the ocean of creation as it eyes us wearily.  What is our agenda?  What is our master plan?

Planning isn't exactly the strong suite of our not so bright species.  Thinking past the next meal might, in fact, be considered to be a stroke of genius in many circles.  Whatever you think of that, the facts are that humans so far have not done a terribly bang up job of reigning in the forces of chaos and destruction.  For the most part, we are all stuck here on the ride for the moment, one perhaps that is far beyond our immediate ability to curb into any semblance of what might be considered a secure and well manicured mastery of environment or society.  Certainly we can say that incompetence is the rule of the day in one form or another.

Let us momentary consider the consequences of the game, for which it is necessary first to ascertain the nature of the game.  Games, as it so happens, are ruled by the astrology sign of Leo, which in and of itself should allow a person of sufficient intelligence and investigative capacity to gather the necessary conclusions on their own.  But, since many of you are of the lazy minded sort or perhaps the hurried sort, I shall summarize.  The game is about ego, which is about whatever it is that you choose it to be about.  The creative nature of play allows us to define ourselves in whatever manner we choose to whoever we choose anytime we feel so inclined.  How Leo-like indeed.

The game is always on.  As such, we don't get a break from it necessarily because we would like a break.  It simply doesn't work that way.  You don't get to unchoose when there is someone else involved.  You don't get to let yourself off the hook.  And you've been playing the game, even if you think you're just an innocent bystander amongst the sharks.  This all is a consequence of you being here in a human body dealing with personal, or what passes for human, conditions of being.  Welcome player!  Choose your fate if you dare.

The problem with the game is that there seems to always be some sort of collateral damage to people who weren't intended to get in the way of the agenda.  Woops, sorry just doesn't quite cut it.  What sort of trail of tears have you left behind yourself in the process of pushing your way through this world?  Perhaps you didn't realize there were rules.  All games have rules, you know.  What did you think?  This was all just going to blow over without someone having to pay a price?

Responsibility is something that is hard for the average real world gamer to quite wrap their little brains around.  Dabbling here in there in some white lie destruction was supposed to be easy and not so costly.  But it turns out people on the losing list of society's little game system have a long memory for injustices.  We're keeping score, you know.  Everyone is.  The universe is keeping score too.  Everyone should just hope that when the bill does come due it comes due in dollar signs or with a nice convenient monetary number attached to it.  Oh, but all bills don't come in fiat currency form now do they?  No, some debts just can't be paid with convenience.  Too bad for the debtors, then.  Me so sorry.

So to the winners of the game, I congratulate you.   You've all done such a marvelous job.  Game over, right?  Oh.  I guess the game doesn't end.  That might not be so good for some of you winners.  It seems that by playing you lost.  Guess you should have read the manual first.  Yes, I know there isn't one.  Just too bad, I suppose.  I'll get back to you on the manual thing maybe depending of how well I feel about it later on.  Until then, enjoy your spoils while they last.  Really, you should probably hurry before someone changes the rules, or perhaps even more disconcerting, the rules decide to change themselves..