L.I.E.S. - Limiting In Every Sense

Drama.  Emotional storms and turmoil.  Big time exaggerations and noise.  Ever had to deal with any of these?  Welcome to the world of lies, which might be considered to mean limiting in every sense.

The emotional storms and dramas designed to get attention just serve to alienate and destroy the very thing we ask for.  We limit ourselves because we do not believe in ourselves.  We put the chains down on our highest ideals and play this drama game believing that others will not and cannot recognize who we are.  Yet these manipulations are the distortion of who we are at the core; beautiful beings who have no need to put on a huge explosive show to get attention as a substitute for real human emotion and feeling.

Why do we do it?  Because we have come to believe that in order to receive love we have to blackmail our way into the hearts of others using threats and distortions.  These manipulations are a disservice to our true nature and ultimately serve no constructive purpose other than to show us how we have learned all the lessons we were taught by parents and society completely and unconditionally.

Look at the emotional storms on TV:  soap operas, survivor, political debates, noisy newscasts.  Especially in America we see sensationalism triumphant walking all over human sensibility and human sensitivity all under the banner of making as much noise as possible to get noticed and get the attention of the ever absent parent figure or God, whichever or whatever is required outside ourselves to serve validation to our bad behavior.  It is a sick and twisted version of humanity and a mockery to our highest nature.

Even the best and brightest among us are not immune to this limiting casting of our roles.  After all, we must be approved, no matter how bad our behavior is.  Unconditional love deserves the thumbs up, doesn't it?  We should be able to get away with everything, right?  And be rewarded for doing it?  Isn't that what Jesus died on the cross to give us?  Give us this day our daily unconditional forgiveness to make it all feel ok for being such bad boys and girls.

Do we really wish to continue with this game we play?  How much of our true selves have we lost by playing it?  Is it worth the "fabulous" rewards offered to us (if any)?  What every happened to faith and trust in the human heart to deliver a better tomorrow?  Or have we lied ourselves out of any possibility in believing in any of us every again?

For every lie we tell we lose a little part of the divine nature that we are gifted with.  For every lie we believe in we lose a little bit more.  But we have a choice to see our lies for what they are: desperate ways to attract the unconditional love we really desire.  And yet, every lie pushes that love away further and further until we are so far from love that we have lost all semblance of life as it was meant to be.

We all have an excuse for why we won't or don't embody unconditional love to each other and to our selves.  What's yours?