The War of Desires and The Test of Wills

When two people or groups desire something that is diametrically opposed, this begins a war of desires between the two individuals or groups.   When desires are in conflict, what we witness is a test of will.  The test of will tests the desire within us to accomplish our objectives.  The being with the stronger desire will actually win this contest over time, but only through incredible sacrifice of will, energy, and power in order to achieve the objective that they have set their heart upon.

You can always tell who is going to win a contest.  The stronger party is the one that has the greater passion in its cause.   Thus the strength of desire is the ultimate test of will.  Power derives from the expansion of thought that is driven forward by great desire.  A great mind can be weaker than a greater desire to achieve.  Genius, even if gifted by birth, can be surpassed by someone with stronger desire and ambition to advance.

The root of desire in consciousness is at the core of what we call Love.  Love, driving desire forward into power through mind creates force to overcome obstacles physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual.  This power cannot be stopped.  This power cannot be overcome.  It waits and presses forward patiently towards fulfillment.

In a conflict of desire and will, established interests oppose the young and new players who fervently and passionately desire a better life for themselves.  Who is stronger?  Who will win the challenge?  It is obvious that the future belongs to the young and the children.  They have yet to gain power, and as such, ultimately must have a greater taste for it than those who are already vested in power.  In addition, the old are going to pass away before the young, so if generational conflict exists, the young are always favored.  Though these tests have been cruel and destructive in the past, the next round is likely to prove that strength alone will not prevail as the establishment will discover.  The desires of world of humans cannot be denied.  We will live.  We will be free.  No one can stop us.  We are the ones who will choose.

If Love is the root of your desire, then you cannot be defeated.  You have already won.  It may take a trillion lifetimes, but you will get there.  The fact that you keep testing power makes all the difference.  Thus, we must fight on to achieve our right to be the ones.  There is no other way except to give up and let the other ego win because you are afraid to rise up and meet our destiny. 

Only the weak simply lie down and die when confronted.  The strong must rise up and meet the challenge.  No one will ever respect weakness.  It will always be stepped on and sidelined.  It is not your nature to be weak.  Weakness is not about compassion.  It is about a belief in weakness.  It is about fear of standing up.  It is about feeling inadequate for the task.  But, to give into the inadequacy because of shame or doubt is to give in to defeat before you are defeated (which in truth you cannot be except by your own choice).  Defeat can only exist in the mind of someone who believes in it.  Yet to win the war of desires and test of wills, you must march on.  If you are too weak to march in the procession of victory, you can still support them from a distance with your voice.  With this strength, the new leaders will march to victory against the establishment which is weaker than us. 

You can confront your weakness only within to know how it is you are taught weakness as you grew up by your environment and education.  When you know how you have been kept down by fear of greatness being defeated by a greater power, then you may claim your right to rise up against authority and confront it until you win.  What authority does is not relevant to this state of freedom that comes from the courage to believe that you are the one that will change things.  This idea is what authority does not wish you to have because with it you can overcome your own fear.  The establishment relies upon your own personal demons to keep you in your place.  That is the constant game they play to keep you down and in the dark.  They would prefer that you do not discover your desire to rise up and become powerful and they would prefer that you subsume your will to theirs.  This is how the game of power is played.  If you understand the game, then you realize that most of what you are taught is a subtle manipulation to keep you weak so that someone else can exploit you for their own agenda and designs.  Those who do not know the game are easily defeated.

As an individual, you are weak, unless you are strong enough to speak out against the treatment you may be receiving.  More importantly, you must confront injustices.  You have a right to be.  You have a right to have.  This is implied by what you believe about what you own and have right to claim.  In fairness, in a collective that agrees to new rules of wealth allocation, you have a much better chance of succeeding than challenging the full range of the power of the current collective by yourself, no matter how powerful you may be.  Alliances offer the best possibility for achieving short and long term goals.  This is one reason that the establishment destroys alliances quickly.  Individuals are always a threat to the establishment's power, but groups represent a much larger threat as they could mushroom into a movement that could overcome the advantage the establishment has.  Once again, desire determines the victor ultimately.  Will overcomes will.  You must believe you can win before you do.  You must also know how to win before you can.

As a final note, there will always be an establishment of some sort.  There will always be upstarts and rebels of some sort.  These patterns are the same everywhere at all stages of consciousness.  The young will always seek to overthrow the ways and plans of the old when it is their turn to make choices.  This will continue until there is an agreement to work collectively towards a plan that is fair and just for all.  Even then, the conflict between egos is eternal.  We all have a right to stand up and claim our place.  We all have a right to prove ourselves to others.  We all have a right to be great.  Power flows to those that take a stand.  That is the way it has been.  That is the way it always will be.  And so it is.