Imagine for a moment the thought that nothing ever happened that was negative.  Beneath all the misguided attempts to get somewhere else lies the truth at the heart of emptiness that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that nothing simply doesn't exist.  It's an odd place to be, where all the bad feelings in the world add up to so many illusions that don't matter or add up to a hill of beans, or one bean, or even an atom's worth of bean.  But how can anyone see past the wall of fear, doubt, hate, rage, or other hysterical outpouring coming at us from somewhere?  Where does all that nasty stuff come from anyway?

Many are inclined to blame the neighborhood fanatic, unwelcome foreigner, or odd individual.  Others would prefer to think that some establishment is responsible through an odd frequency of conspiracy and intention to harm.  But then, how, rationally, can any of this be anything other than an illusion of the most insidious kind that we are forced to face it with two eyes open?

The odd truth about non is that it isn't.  It never happened.  You were never there.  It's a weird place to be that some would simply label denial or delusional.  I mean, surely, I would not deny the victim the right to stand against the victimizer and demand justice?  But reality isn't based on what was, or even what is, if what it stands for is nothing but a callous indifference to the right to know.

So then the wheel (of karma) turns.  The illusion burns.  And the right to know goes unexplored behind a facade to escape the inescapable truth.  There is no prison, no guard.  There is no oppressor.  There is no evil doer hiding behind an invisible cloak waiting to pounce when we least suspect.  Our suspicions turn out to be baseless echoes of long gone ghosts.  The dreams of our ancestors relived through the collective dream.  How then are dreams real?  Even less, dark dreams.  The only thing that matters about dreams is what you get out of them.  You can't take the darkness outside of the dream, only outside of the dreamer.  When the dream is gone, only the dreamer remains.  Do bad dreams matter after you wake up?

That makes me think that waking up is easy to do.  Hard must just not be.  It isn't.  You weren't there.  It never happened.  That sort of attitude could piss alot of people off, but if anger isn't real, then what good would it do them to pretend?  Is there really even a "them"?  Or is just another act played by a dreaming actor or actress designed to delay the inevitable realization that their lives are based on an illusion.  Darkness to darkness, light to light. 

The dream of endings is an interesting one.  Death, the perennial favorite of every unreal "realist" points a finger in the face of no one.  Accusing the awakened, the shadow, dripping with its own delusional hostility believing that it somehow speaks makes its words meaningless.  This is called "death consciousness", but it never happened.  And you weren't there to know.  So if darkness is just another sign, then some people are zombies.  And if we are actually surrounded by zombies, sleepwalking who eat the dead, metaphorically and allegorically of course, then why is it that we worry at all about how those zombies are going to react to a bit a light in their lives?  Maybe we've been sleepwalking too long ourselves.  But then we were never here.  And it never happened.

There is an old saying in science.  You can't prove a negative.  And yet, people base their whole lives around trying to prove negatives.  They work hard at proving how miserable they are.  They endlessly talk about how bad things happened.  They constantly judge with harshness themselves and others.  Are they trying to prove themselves unhappy?  Are they trying prove a non?  And who could possibly commit to non?  Nothing is as nothing.  It doesn't do.  It isn't.  So why try?  Trying is lying.

There is a saying I have heard recently.  Fake it till you make it.  I'm certain I wasn't there when I heard it.  I know I didn't just write it down for you to read it.  I know you didn't see it.  Because the more you think about it, the more you realize what I am saying about what we refer to as "bullshit".  I could categorize this "bullshit" thoroughly and explain it to you until your brain hurt.  But I will spare you just for right now by showing you that faking it isn't making it.  So why bother with faking it at all?  What are we faking?  Truth?  Love?  Knowledge?  Conscience?  Power?  Greatness?  Humility?  Pick one.  It's pathetic to believe that you can become anything by faking.  How do you fake originality?  You can't.  So faking isn't real.  It never happened.  And only zombies make up shit like that.  You put 2 and 2 together and you get it.  That's called success.  The rest is bird food and garden fertilizer.

The magic of non is that it isn't unless it has a witless witness.  The witness must be brainless to not see the logic.  How does one prove death?  How does one prove fear?  How does one prove hate?  Each of these myths is a self creating self sustaining system.  It doesn't exist because you can't prove it's there.  If you don't believe me, try to isolate a negative in your consciousness.  You can't.  That's because it disappears the minute you see it for what it is.  Bullshit.  Fertilizer for the soul. 

I hang out with a few people who believe that "what you focus on expands".  They say its bad to focus on the negative.  They don't watch news, and are usually what we refer to as "conspiracy theorists".  But the negative isn't real, so how can focusing on it hurt anyone?  If you call their ideology black, they get very annoyed and start spewing their illusions all over the place, generally in your direction.  But if it is all an act, then why get caught up in the drama?  And if the drama is just an act, then why bother with the show.  At the end of the show, it's non or anon. 

I had a bad dream once.  I don't remember what it was about.  I think I learned something.  I let the dream go.  I woke up happy.  That is what mattered.  I thanked the dream.  I remembered myself.

Wakey wakey.  Anon to non.