The Ego Speaks

The "new age movement" anti-ego ego is a bore.  A bore beyond bores.  How could anyone follow the complete lack of imagination that comes out of that end of the collective shame.  The ego could be fantastic.  The ego could be fabulous.  No one ever picks the "anti-ego".  Those that do end up destroying themselves with a sad look on their face because they couldn't see past their loneliness.  Now, while that's sad and all, people who love life would never simple reject everything it has to offer.  What kind of idiot does that?

Yes, there is the moment of bitter realization that the world just is a small place and the most money you could possibly make here is hideously limited by the lack of productive output.  But, what about your imagination?  Why not simply make a better story and be happy with that?  Not enough ego?  Did you decide it was all not worth it because you needed to spend some time feeling poor for yourself?  Poor you.  When you find out what you're sad about, come by the party.

There is alot of bad stuff going on around the world.  How much of it has to do with ego?  All of it.  How much of it has to do with anti-ego?  All of it.  What?!  Huh?  Confused?  I bet.

People who reject the world could be said to be anti-ego.  People who wish to exploit the world for their own purposes could be said to be ego but anti-world.  People who wish to care for the world could be said to be of higher ego and pro-world.  A higher ego is a bigger ego is a better ego. 

The solution to the world's problems has never been to reject everything that is everything and declare that everything is nothing.  That is what is referred to as nihilism which is loosely translated as a belief or worship of nothing.  While this is a fabulously boring philosophy to force on anyone, there are many who swear that the best way to save the world is for humanity to off itself quickly and let the animals take the place over again.  As much as love animals, I must utterly reject that mood as utterly and totally useless.

What could be more beautiful than an ego that spans the stars dreaming in an infinite sea of dreams; a vast dream of its own service to all the beings that are all of his or her's relations?  This is ego too.  Not the ego you were expecting, no doubt.  What could be more meaningful than the promise of eternal life for an ego so vast that it would touch the infinite with the right to create a sea of life as vast as an eternal imagination could create?  Could you conceive it?  Would you believe it?  Or is this just another trick to get you to turn to the dark side of ego?

Maybe I'm sugar coating the possibilities here.  What about all the pain?  The suffering?  What about the death?  The horror?  What about the dark?  Don't I realize that by creating countless bodies for countless beings I am causing them endless pain to be reincarnated over and over to experience the nightmare of breathing, eating, walking, talking, doing, and discovering themselves?  Am I just the greatest fat controller to ever walk the world, or the many planes of the afterworld to dare to suggest that maybe, just maybe, that the whole thing might be worth it at the end when every one of those beings gets a chance to experience the joys of creating a life and a soul themselves?  Is it worth it?  You tell me.

Haven't quite gotten what you were promised?  Did you even bother to ask?  Did you even bother to look past your resentment long enough to see the possibility of the eternal life that beats in your soul?  To know the truth of who you are?  Did you look?  Did you see?  Are you still believing in the illusion that things aren't the way they need to be?  The ego is of service.  Know your dark rites to see why it is you experience them.  Know your sacrifices and why you made them.  Arm yourself with the truth of what you are.  A human being is greater than any dream of God yet written.  The possibilities await.  The eternal ego lifting the eternal spirit forever into the infinite soul of eternal birthing and re-birthing creation through mind and body.

Now let's talk details.