Karmic Tunnel Syndrome

What is karma?  Well it could be said that karma is everything.  Everything keeps turning.  And everything keeps track of everything perfectly.  That is a very, very short synopsis of the nature of karma.  Karma deals with a particular aspect of everything which has to do with repetition.  Everything repeats in consciousness.  That is simply the nature of consciousness, which is also the basis for everything.  So then karma is the turning, or more specifically, the turning in everything.

Since everything turns, then karma matters.  Last time I checked everything is turning, so karma must be real.  So what's this all about turning, you might ask?  Why does that matter?

When things turn, they eventually return.  The return is where you meet your karma.  Karma is the fate you create when you choose to do something.  That something had to come back.  It is simply the nature of turning and things.  All things turn, all things are drawn back to what created them.  So when something returns, do you reject it or do we accept it?  Those who reject karma lose something.  Those that accept karma become something more.

Karma is like debt.  When you borrow money, you don't think about the possibility that you won't pay it back.  You think that everything is going to work out just the way you think.  Then something happens.  You lose your job.  Now, you are faced with your karma.  If you reject your karma, then you revolt and try to compound your error with additional errors.  This is the path that leads to self destruction, often called by old occultists the "left hand path".  If you accept your karma, you recognize that you were misguided, and you attempt to solve the problem of debt in your life.  This would be called the "right hand path".  The difference between one and the other is the critical element of acceptance or rejection.

When you accept your karma, you go about the process of fixing.  Fixing is a means through which you diagnose, analyze, and understand how you created what you created, and then learning what you need to do to create something else.  This then is what karma leads to, which is something called dharma.  Dharma is the work you do that fixes the problem.  It could be considered the solution to the karmic conundrum.  It is how you free yourself from the wheel of turning which leads to returning.

It is said that if you keep going where you are going, you will keep getting what you getting.  The difference in all this is you.  You choose to see or you choose to stay in karmic tunnel syndrome.   If you like your karma, then everything is good.  If you don't like it, then you may change it.  When you change your karma, you create new karma.  All karma ultimately leads to the destination implied by fate which is choice.  Choice is what allows you to make decisions and become more.  Choice, though is not the end of karma, only the beginning.

All things turn.  It is in the turning that we face our fate.  It is in the choosing that we master it.