Choice, Fate, and Destiny

From an analytical point of view, choice is something that isn't immediately rational.  Choice is not something that can be measured.  You don't see it carved on someone's forehead.  It isn't on their calendar or even in their astrology chart.  While major life changing events can be predicted ahead of time, what people will do with that experience is outside the bounds of the rational analytical mind to grasp, much less explain.  Or so it seems.. 

There is moment of choice, however.  A person is sitting or standing facing the mirror of the soul asking themselves the question of what it is they can do to change.  It's a strange place.  It's an unexpected place.  One that you find yourself in time in time again, usually not of your own choosing.

How can a circumstance that you don't choose lead to a choice that you could not foresee?  How many times has it happened in the course of your life that you really had to make a major choice?  Not the Coke or Pepsi choice mind you, but something more significant that has life changing results.  To be or not to be, surely that is the question.  But why to be or not to be?  Because of destiny and its opposite, fate.  This is why crisis (fate) comes calling once in a long while, to remind us that we have a destiny.

It is in the reexamining that you discover a reason to change.  This is a process of diagnostics.  Reflection is required.  You reflect when you are stopped.  You go within in search of answers, or go without to ask someone else to fix the problem.  When you can rely on no one else, that is when you choose to be or not to be.  Destiny, it seems, is a lonely road at first.  But when destiny is with you, you never remain alone for long.

Power is thrust on those who choose.  It is often not of their first choice (what they want) that they stand up and say "I am here", but instead great times make great human beings.  In the end, you must stand up and become who you are born to be.  Fate is not without it's sense of irony, and destiny is not without its surprises.

There is a saying.  You can't run forever.  Wherever you go, there you are.  And just sometimes, there is someone there to tell you who you are even when you don't want to hear what they have to say.  Choice is not about you or me.  Choice is about something more.  Everyone makes choices.  Every choice has consequences.  You are bound by the consequences of the choices that you make.  But you always have a choice to unbind your choices, to undo your errors.  This happens in time.  Power is patient.  Destiny is everlasting.  Persistence yields results. 

No one walks the path alone.  Destiny creates real connections, ones that you can't imagine.  Even greater though, it brings human beings together.  Human beings who likely would have thought twice about about every having to do with one another.  Bound by fate, we are prisoners, but together by choice, we are free.  Ironic isn't it?  Such sweet irony.  Let us dance.