The Choice of the Collective

Are we all part of a common effort to create change in this world, or are we all individual agents working only for our own vision, lives, choices, and desires?  It seems we are all caught up in the uncertainty, the very terror, of our times.  We can't make it on our own without others, but others are unwilling or unable to offer their support in a world entirely based upon profit and money.  Many continue to choose to sell out to a system that is a gamble from any point of view on their part.  Or perhaps they believe they are so special that the powers will raise them above their comrades to let them join the coalition of sharks on top.  In either case, the collective matters more than the individual, any individual.

And yet the power of ideas suggest otherwise.  A collective in a collision course with its own demise because of its collective choices is not stronger than an individual who has a chance to alter his or her own choice to walk way from the collective.  And yet, we are still left with the problem of the collective other deciding to destroy the very basis of life for the individual in the planet and its systems that sustain any hope of future survival for any one person or group by themselves.  So though the individual may know the right answers, may group with others who know the right answers, and even take actions towards the right answers, the collective other simply blinks its eyes and refuses to budge preventing any meaningful change for the eternity of the moment.

This rather disagreeable situation forces everyone into conflict because we can neither deny the collective will of humanity, nor can we truly control it.  A few may try to direct it because of their position, but even these rarely try and grab the reins that could potentially stir the beast of the collective in the right direction.  We simply cannot deny that we are very weak individually, weak in small groups, and quite ineffective in any large group without some kind of power at our back.  Can one person truly change his or her fate without the support of others?  Can one person truly change the outcome that so many have decided upon?  While history has shown this to be possible, the stakes now are so great that the whole of the world may perish based upon the decisions made by a relatively few individuals.

The collective will of the people of this world must make a choice which destiny they are going to follow.  One destiny involves the destruction of the planet and/or the enslavement of the whole of the humanity to an inhuman process of self destruction for pursuit of short term profits.  The other destiny is one in which humanity works collectively to create a future for itself that builds long term wealth through renewable energy and sees future generations living in an ecological and material paradise.  Between these two futures lies a choice that the collective must make.  It must decide that it deserves the future that is best or it must perish from its own self hatred.  Humanity has been taught to hate itself by history.  Humanity has a choice though, it could choose to believe in its abilities and see its possibilities through science, spirituality, and technology. 

The forces of cynicism are strong.  They would have us throw it all away and become slaves to our destruction.  And yet we still have a choice to change that right now.  We could choose to see what is possible and build a future for all of us together.  We have the tools.  We have the intelligence.  We have the power.  All we truly need to believe that is possible is the vision to see it all and know that it is not only possible, but inevitable. 

Every day the sky rains wealth in the form of sunlight.  This is the energetic equivalent of a rain of gold coins dropping down ready to be collected.  Every day the wind blows in many parts of the world with energy, once again, ready to be collected.  There has never been any shortage of work.  There is no need for unemployment as we understand the term.  If we cared we could reach out and mine the wealth of the sky or the geothermal energy of the Earth and still have plenty left over for any desire that a reasonable human being could imagine.  What is lacking is faith in the possibility that we can stand up to the ruling powers and tell them that this is the future of this planet.

And in truth, the world has no other future except to die.  So the choice is as clear as one could make it the collective.  It is a choice between everything and nothing.  It is a choice between riches and death.  It is a choice between happiness and non-existence.  It could not be any clearer.  If the collective has bought into self hatred, then it will destroy both itself and any individuals here that try to go down the light path by themselves. 

In other words, our fates are dependent upon choices made by others.  This has always been the case, but it is so much so now.  So much so that our attempts to make good our little island of sunshine are constantly being spoiled by others who are determined to have it there way.  Working against each other has become our way of justifying our poverty, of helping it spread.  Yet, there is plenty for all if everyone understood the need to work together, make choices, and act out those choices clearly. 

Will the collective choose to destroy itself?  Rationally, no one can honestly believe that people would choose this.  At every other crisis point in our recent history where this possibility came up, the leaders of the world stopped this option.  This time it is different, because it is up to the people.  They have gotten their way with democracy and having their say.  Now, will they choose to live or to act out their destructiveness against each other. 

If you had the choice to be rich or dead, which would you choose?  Many of those with great wealth in this world have chosen to die rather than to feel good about themselves.  Take a look at the celebrities who passed away early dealing with deep psychological and spiritual problems.  Collectively will we choose the celebrity disorder of being so attached to our feeling of being cursed that we fail to use the golden opportunity at our fingertips to create and build a life that is worth living?  The intelligent choice would be to choose to join together and agree to be rich together and get busy working towards that future.  The stupid choice would be to just throw it all away.  Do we know for sure what the collective will decide? 

I think the result must be inevitable, that reason will prevail over horror and stupidity.  Why?  Because people do think.  People do pay attention.  When the evidence is in, and the choices are clear, people always choose what is in their best interests.  When we are given bad evidence and faulty reasoning to attempt to coerce us into bad choices, it has been shown that those who must manipulate a result in this manner have to expend a tremendous amount of energy to maintain the illusion that they know better.  The costs of suppressing humanity attempting to preserve itself are not on the side of the fossil fuel industry.  The battle, in fact, is largely being found only in the United States.

The intelligent people of the world already recognize what is going on.  They have already decided for the collective that global warming is the greatest threat ever faced by humanity.  The only people who haven't gotten the message are the people who are too busy making money from this nonsense to let go long enough to realize they will destroy us all by ignoring the truth.  Eventually, the collective will be faced with weather disasters that even the United States will be impossible to cover up from a corporate propaganda point of view.  The days of the fossil fuel industry manipulating public opinion are numbered.  We are one major climate disaster way from a wholesale change in human attitudes.

This unknown climate disaster will force the collective to reevaluate the evidence being presented and the result will be a shift of power away from the centers of corporate authority that has enabled this poor outcome.  The reactions of these authorities will determine whether corporate capitalism itself survives as a viable system in the midst of climate crisis.  For instance, all that has to happen to force this change in the collective is for the Arctic Sea Ice to melt completely for one summer, something that has not happened for hundreds of thousands of years.  Once it melts, it will not likely return in summer.  Such a change would cause a huge climate shift as ocean patterns will adjust to compensate for the loss of the summer sea ice.  This event is between 3 to 20 years away and highly likely to occur before 2020. 

Other plausible events include droughts or large scale floods in any major country that causes mass loss of life.  Thailand recently had massive flooding on a scale not seen for decades, but this area is already fairly flood prone.  Critical mass to address climate change seriously is probably not far off.  Once it has been reached, the small scale human problems that have dominated our consciousness will very quickly be replaced with a collective will to survive.  What the intelligent members of the environmental movement and its allies can do is to put the pressure on when these events occur.  The opposition will probably already have plans to deny as usual.  Pressure can work.  If the media is forced to turn its attention to this issue in a manner that invites what I refer to as actionable intelligence, i.e. what our leaders can do now, it would be greatly help avoid disaster down the road.

Wealth is a great motivator in good times.  We could all gain wealth through a renewable energy economy that has no limits on its potential growth.  Death is a great motivator in bad times, when bad news come forward, so what is causing this threat?  We all know, we should all speak at once that we know because we understand climate science.  The more we believe in the message, the more powerful will that message become.  It is the message of our times for the collective.  It is the choice of the collective.  Once that choice has been made, everything we do afterwards will have a collective meaning.  We will have become one. 

I love this planet and its people.  We deserve to care.  We deserve to be cared about.  This planet deserves our love.  Isn't it time we all stopped pretending that anything else except Love matters?  The collective must realize that to be free it must see, it must know, and it must believe.  We are one species, one sentient collective.  We have the power to change our fate.  The future is not written.  It is ours to write.  There are no more gods to blame.  There are no more demons to point fingers at.  The days of superstition are gone.  We have the power to destroy or create.  We must choose which one matters more to us.